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A currency derivative is a contract between the seller and the buyer, whose value is to be derived from the underlying asset, the currency amount. A derivative based on currency exchange rates is a forward contract which stipulates the rate at which a given currency can be exchanged for another currency as at a future date. Currency derivative is extremely beneficial for importers, exporters, currency traders, currency brokers, money changers, arbitrageurs, companies having exposure in foreign currency and investors.

KSN CREDENCE provides trading platform for trading in currency pairs like INR-USD, INR-GBP, INR-EUR and INR-JPY. Few of the salient features of Currency trading are:

  • Small orders can be executed up to 1 contract or 1000 USD without any additional cost
  • Complete Transparency of Quotes, Market Price and Price Discovery
  • Foreign Currency exposure not required to trade in the currency futures
  • Synchronization with International Market
  • Low Margins
  • Large liquid market